Service and maintenance


Machine standstills cause a lot of annoyance and frequently lead to arrears in supply. RIKUTEC recommends preventive machine maintenance as a supplement to a complete and high level blow molding system. Regular examination of the system by trained technicians prevents wear and tear and saves costs for repairs and replacement parts.

Many customers make use of this additional offer and regularly have fundamental mechanical as well as safety examinations done on site. In addition, our technician checks the blow-molding machine for worn or defective components and also with a view to the electrical functionality. Naturally, the system’s filters are replaced at every inspection.


You are on the safe side with the remote maintenance service from RIKUTEC. A server organizes the exchange of data between the blow-molding machine and the technician and thus avoids typical risks which customarily come about as a result of an external connection. Sensitive project data are stored locally. The technician merely selects the service inquiries intended for him. All the machine’s control modules can be operated and influenced via the remote maintenance routines. This even applies to sequence controls and includes access to the PC of the extrusion blow-molding machine.


If necessary, we send our experienced and highly qualified service technicians to your factory. With this service, we support you in the repair and maintenance of your production systems. All the defects and malfunctions are localized and remedied as quickly as possible. We provide short repair and down times and a fast availability of replacement parts.


Time is money, this also applies to replacement parts. We ensure a worldwide, professional and fast-reacting replacement part service. Replacement parts can be supplied in a very short time.


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