Philosophy & guidelines

Our philosophy

The RIKUTEC Group is an innovative and internationally oriented family business in the field of blow moulding technology. We stand for technical know-how, experience, quality and family. These four distinguishing features allow us to create a unique customer experience.

We pursue a family and performance-oriented corporate culture and strive to create a trusting environment within our corporate group in which open communication and appreciation play a central role. Passion, individuality, trust and reliability help us daily to spark customer enthusiasm and establish long-term partnerships. Respect, familiar interaction and integrity enable us to create a work environment in which motivation, proactivity and creativity come first.

We work together on our goal to inspire our customers every day and to exceed your expectations. Our corporate values, such as experience, quality, passion, and teamwork play a key role in these efforts.

At the heart of our actions is the achievement of our common goal: Serving every customer with high-quality products, inspiring them long-term and partnering with them through a positive and holistic customer experience.

To achieve this goal, we always act in accordance with our corporate philosophy, values and guidelines.

Our guidelines

Curiosity and room for maneuverability

We maintain our corporate culture and are constantly guided by trends in the market and our environment. We are future-oriented and open to new ideas and developments. Everyone is obligated to independently ensure continuous improvement in their respective division.

Responsibility and trust

For us, responsibility means resource-saving, sustainable and conscientious action. A trusting relationship with colleagues and business partners is part of our self-image. Discipline and orderliness form the basis of efficient work processes. Customers value our flexible, efficient and partnership-oriented solutions.


We always treat our colleagues and business partners in a friendly and respectful manner. We treat each other like partners and support each other. Because we work on our projects with joy and team spirit, we are perceived positively from the outside.

Competence and advancement

Technologically demanding customer requirements are interesting and motivating challenges for us. The process of continuous improvement and readiness for lifelong learning are integral parts of our growth strategy.