The RIKUTEC Group is an innovative and internationally oriented group of companies in blow moulding technology. The core competence lies in the production of technical blow moulded articles for industry and trade, as well as machine and plant engineering.

Over the past 30 years, two independent but closely interlinked business areas have evolved from machine development expertise and the search for customer-oriented solutions: on the one hand, the ideas for future-oriented machine and blow moulding technology, and on the other, the market-oriented and innovative production of industrial packaging, large-volume storage tanks and technical blow moulding parts. All manufactured products are produced on systems which have been developed and constructed directly by the company from the Westerwald region of Germany.

Custom Molding

Martin Müller Inside Sales Custom Molding

Tel: +49-2681-9546-43

Project Management

Peter Bernards Head of Project Management

Tel.: +49-2681-9546-605


Oliver Theis Head of Maintenance & Service

Tel.: +49-2681-9546-19

Pascal Dielmann Marketing/Sales

Tel: +49-2681-9546-85

Marketing and Communication

Marc-Dennis Baltz Director Marketing

Tel: +49-2681-9546-604