The RIKUTEC code of conduct

The compliance policy of the RIKUTEC Group is our moral and legal compass. It contains the basic rules for our conduct within the RIKUTEC Group as well as towards our business partners and the public. The companies within the RIKUTEC Group are committed to their responsibility in the context of their entrepreneurial activities and follow these defined ethical and moral demands in all activities without exception.

Among other things, the following principles are considered part of the daily routine:

  • Compliance with laws and standards
  • Combating corruption and discrimination
  • Equal treatment
  • Freedom of expression
  • Compliance with occupational safety and environmental and data protection measures

The defined principles within our compliance programme are not only exemplified by our highest decision-makers, but also reinforced by all our subsidiaries. Likewise, we also expect compliance with these principles and practices by our business partners, customers and suppliers.