Sustainability is a topic of the highest priority. Within the RIKUTEC Group, measures to protect our resources are becoming increasingly important. We treat our resources efficiently with an eye on the future and avoid unnecessary waste of energy and valuable materials.

Sustainability within the Rikutec Group:

  • We strive for automated and standardised processes within the RIKUTEC Group in order to achieve maximum ecological and economic efficiency.
  • We produce innovative products that save natural resources such as drinking water. With our expertise and solutions in the field of industrial packaging, we also protect our environment from hazardous substances.
  • We are constantly optimising our production processes and developing innovative products and new plastic container solutions. As a result, we were able to produce cargo-optimised tanks, among other things, thereby reducing CO2 emissions in our global logistics concepts.
  • We reuse process heat (waste heat), which is generated during the manufacturing process. The energy is continuously fed back into the production cycle.
  • We recycle materials and use special production steps to return recyclables into the material cycle.
  • We use the most innovative energy concepts in our building management, which allows us to reduce our energy requirements.